Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Trace-tracker, the Seventh! Trotting through TBNLA with the Good Doctor: Unlock A~ Clue...

Heyday Janeite Jockeys and Bath Bookies! I return to the Neigh~borhood with top-tipster tidings as dapper as a dappled Dandy could make them! Before I gallop to my seventh clopping clue with the gusto of a gallant, let me let loose, & quite out of the box, the Grandstand news promised in my last race~y Post! With the approach of Lady A~'s lovely second creation, just around the Bath Corner, my Bath Novel Stable Home Quarters has kept pace & in the money. In this spirited month of October will you all witness the debut of the brimmingly new teasingly terrific TBNLA. Neigh, for all the Punters & Pacesetters setting the stakes for this high event, watch this Canterlogue for the timely a~nnouncement of the launch of our top-ranking, up-to-the-minute website.  

Dash it! If this were not a treat enough for all the Bath Bookies & Bettors, let me whet your appetites still further! Lady A~'s front-running, imminent novel creation, is 'bit' just about to bolt its box! Neigh, whip out yer e-readers, Bookies, for the finest Austenesque novel that will lead other runners wire to wire! A~ true Pacemaker! Nags & Lads, don't get caught behind in this race for this beauty fixes to be a veritable Janeite prize!

And to such end shall I present ye all with my seventh Trace-tracker of this most-anticipated Bath Novel. Aye, and do not fall outside of the rail 'fare' Bookies and miss your chance to win Lady A~'s latest Bath Novel trophy! Corral this clopping clue with the rest and set it in my Saddlebag at the end of our race to procure A~ truly fair & signed copy of this top-tipped tome!

Neigh! Lopping Lydias & Bucking Bingleys, let me not keep you at bay any longer! Breaking with alacrity, I trot out my seventh swooper of A~ horsey hint!

Unlock A~ Clue

Trace-tracker, the Seventh!

'In this Locket of fare Bath Blue, a familiar denizen is tried but true.'

To harness all my top tub-tips in the running thus far, I shall parade them another time lest any of you Bookies have got the blows. I invite you all to greet the Judge with this neck of a nudge...

A~ marked Character to whom those addicted shall crave her likeness true... 

A~ shuttered Ornament of Honeysuckles ~ the rural retreat of A~ yet great to-do...

 A~ collection of manly graces sweeps A~ marked Lady quite off her Shoes!

A~ renowned Hound lolls upon matchless Ladies' Laps anew!

A~ piece of Pewter quite determines an epic story's hue!

A~ Paragon of Architecture exhibits in the white-glare Loop!

Prancing back to my Paddock with parading panache, I trust you Brimming Bolters will put your Plonk on our Lady's sure-win new novel, & justly compete for this Prize! Neigh! Make a dash too, for the very great splash I shall yet make in ye Twittershire upon such plea! And here is the nip of such quips #TBNLATrackTalk #TBNLATubTalk.

With A~ winsome Whinny, & until my next cantering clue, I bid ye Bath Bookies... Tally-ho! One for the money, two for the flow! Dash it! Only three Bath Novel Trace-trackers to go!


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