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The Bath Novels of Lady A~

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Predicated upon a real-life drama that occurred in Jane Austen’s well-documented history, and two hundred years since her first ‘child’ of the ‘sacred six’ was acquired by military publisher Thomas Egerton, comes the debut of an enigmatic companion set of seven original Regaustenian novels that freshly emulate the style of those six perfect classics. The Bath Novels of Lady A~ is so called because the collection is implicitly linked to Jane Austen's ten-year ‘unproductive’ sojourn, which started in Bath, and the modish Regency conversion of her pseudonym ‘a Lady’ to ‘Lady A~’. Though it was thought Lady A~’s pen lay fallow all through that decade-long silence, the revelation of The Bath Novels of Lady A~ (TBNLA) invites the reader to imagine exactly the opposite...

Merits and Mercenaries/ The Bath Novels of Lady A~’s ‘Classic Companion I’

Merits and Mercenaries
Treachery, seduction, deceit and every scandalous betrayal fathomable pit a formidable cast of mercenaries against a very worthy set of meritocrats in this rich Regency drama, set against a Hampshire country and metropolitan London backdrop. Pivoting upon the tender, though precarious, attachment between the nobly restrained William Halford and the artless romantic Katherine Huntley, the couple’s passionate conflict grows greater still under the burden of a mysterious obligation, which sees William pledged to marry the redoubtable Maria Beckett. Harboring secrets of her own, the arch-speculator Maria joins forces with another competitor for William’s hand and fortune ...more

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