Monday, August 29, 2016

Trace-tracker, the Sixth! Trotting through TBNLA with the Good Doctor: Unlock A~ Clue...

Heyday Janeite Jockeys & Darcy Dandies! Neigh, never fear, I have not yet been put out to pasture! I bolt once more out of my box at Bath Novel Stable Home Quarters to bring you tidings on the trot regarding the very fine pedigree of our Lady's freshest fancy. To be sure we are drawing ever near to the finish line & should you dare to hedge a bet, I urge you to do so over this most mysteriously mesmerizing NEW novel, now just now around the Bath Corner. Indeed upon the broadcast of my seventh horsey hint, I do declare, I shall be able to reveal the very date that all Bath Bookies may pre-order this thoroughbred of A~ creation! And to unlock but A~ portion of the mystery I shall pit my sixth clopping clue against the ever-mounting curiosity surrounding this best bet of a book. Neigh, Colts & Dolts 'tis no time to take a nap!

Dash it! Do not fall behind Chaff-burners! Keep A~pace of all my clue runners in this race & corral all ten. Then prancingly place your winsome wagers in my Saddlebag to be in the inside track for a very pretty prize ~ the finest filly of our stable yet: Lady A~'s front-running NEW novel creation. Indeed, the dogs are barking it all about the Neigh~borhood!

Without making a jockery of it all, & without further to-do, then, I pronounce upon all Ponies & Punters, the sixth satchel-swinging trace-tracker hint of ten!

Unlock A~ Clue

Trace-tracker, the Sixth!

'In this Locket of fare Bath Blue, a Paragon of Architecture exhibits in the white-glare Loop!'

And for those lolling in the lags, a top showing of the team of tips that have strutted their stuff so far...

A~ marked Character to whom those addicted shall crave her likeness true...

 A~shuttered Ornament of Honeysuckles ~ the rural retreat of A~ yet great to-do...

A~ collection of manly graces sweeps A~ marked Lady quite off her Shoes!

A~ renowned Hound lolls upon matchless Ladies' Laps anew!

A~ piece of Pewter quite determines an epic story's hue!

And now I gallop out upon A~dieus Studs, Stallions & Steaming Stalwarts! Neigh, my tips will pay the grandstand yet! Make a dash for my #hashes & #splashes in ye Twittershire, pray! #TBNLATrackTalk #TBNLATubTalk.

Upon such cry, I bid you all be on the bit for more bubbling blue Bath Novel Clues! Tally Ho Toppys!

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