Thursday, June 23, 2016

Trace-tracker the Fifth! Trotting through TBNLA with the Good Doctor: Unlock A~ Clue...

Heyday Fond Friends & Fillies! Once more I gallop into the Neigh!~borhood to bring ye all A~ tub load of tidings concerning Bath Bookie news upon Lady A~'s latest runner! Neigh! Rise to the trot Janeites, for a true treat is in store as the dashing debut of this newest trophy piece is hard upon our collective hooves & heels! As this new Bath Novel bolts its box, pray, let me tease you with yet another clopping clue. As an interminable tipster of the tied & blue, may I declare in full cry that my Bath Novel stable runneth over with horsey hints.

Neigh, keeping A~pace with it all in racing fashion will not cost you a fetlock & a shank! Indeed follow all of my clues in my Bath Novel stable home quarters here, and utter not a nicker of your notions until you have corralled all ten! Then prance along & set your winsome wagers in my Saddlebag for the luck of the draw & the trophy treat of Lady A~'s thoroughbred creation, flowingly signed by the Lady herself.

Dashing quite out of the gate, then, Dappled Dandies & Darcy Dolts, do I here trot out my fifth fine trace-tracker hint of ten.

Unlock A~ Clue

Trace-tracker, the Fifth!

'In this Locket of fare Bath Blue, a piece of Pewter quite determines an epic story's hue!'

And for those Nags quite clueless, who yet lag in our race... A~ parade of our last herd of hints might spur on the Poor Doers thin on the take & facing the breeze! Another round of them, then: 

A~ marked Character to whom those addicted shall crave her likeness true...

A~shuttered Ornament of Honeysuckles ~ the rural retreat of A~ yet great to-do...

A~ collection of manly graces sweeps A~ marked Lady quite off her Shoes! 

A~ renowned Hound lolls upon matchless Ladies' Laps anew!

I wager Bath Bookies & Janeite Jockeys that there is a ton of Bath Novel fare to be had yet to whet your bets. I wish you all whippingly good Winkers as you fix on A~ win! Until my next hopping hint, Ponies & Punters... Tally-ho to the flow!


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