Friday, December 18, 2015

Trace-tracker, the First! Trotting through TBNLA with the Good Doctor: Unlock A~ Clue...

Janeite Jockeys & Bath Bookies! In my last I promised you, as the top TBNLA tipster, a field day of clues to herald the approaching arrival of the latest lively dasher of our Bath Novel stable. Thus, I gallop in as a Gallant to round up A~ host of clues (I shall call them trace-trackers!) to parade boldly before you in a whipping charade. Saddle up fair minds & see what you make of my horsey hints!

And, to hoof, Lady A~ is offering a fine & most steamious Prize! For the first Filly, Colt or Dolt spurred on to soundly guess all of the answers to my well-paced trace-trackers, she or he shall win a first-edition copy of this beauteous new Bath Beauty, inscribed by the scribbling Lady herself. Neigh, rest assured, I be no coat-tugger, & I shall claim none of your winnings! Merely collect your answers, when the race is finally run, and drop them in my Saddlebag, by way of an e~Express. I shall then pass on the first correct collection post-haste to our Circulating Library Proprietress, Mrs. A~ Skyelark, for just adjudication & announcements. Following such ceremony, I shall proclaim the Winner! Onwards and trotwards then Bath Bettors & Belles, & to the finishing line! I present, dash it all...
Unlock A~ Clue

Trace~tracker, the First! 

'In this Lover's Locket of fare Bath blue, A~ marked Character to whom those addicted shall crave her Likeness true...'

Pony up Punters! Regard my canter-column here for more Clue-locket Trace-tracker fare anon... Tally ho!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Tally Ho Ho Ho! Trotting through TBNLA with the Good Doctor...

Janeite Jockeys, Holiday Henrys & Netherfield Nags! Tally Ho Ho Ho! TBNLA is now quite terrifically trimmed for every bit of ye Season's Treatings! Make yours A~ very jolly jumping Jane Season with flowingly gifted Ladies & trackstar Studs! Trot very merrily along to our now bedecked Bath Novel Halls of folly~ed Holly!  

Neigh! While you are there, do put A~ little Swag in yer Saddlebags this Season!

Swag for brimming Bath Bookies!

Swag for Nags!

Heyday! Do canter along to my Paddock Page to add A~ Nip to yer Nogs this season!

Friday, October 30, 2015

A~ Steam Tour with Dr. Syntax! Trotting through TBNLA with the Good Doctor...

Fond Friends, Fillies, Janeite Jockeys & Meryton Mules! In this month of the amazing horrid, I spirit up my first quite frightful action into the world of race~y Bath vapors, shadows and smoke! Here, upon my first steam tour through the quite steamious world of The Bath Novels of Lady A~, shall I de~mist~ify the very pipes & plumbing of the Novel microcosms created by the archly reclusive Lady A~. And if any of you be not quite the Aces I pride myself on being--without undue prejudice of course--then I shall race to your aid to enlighten you.

Lady A~, a nom de course by which the inimitable Miss Jane Austen was once known, when not gone quite batty, is a blue hen deeply connected with Bath. Her short sojourn in that place brought about a flow of fresh composition which, right up to the homestretch, thence produced a set of seven front-running novels. For a length of time these prizes remained undiscovered, but through the good graces of a fond sister and a betting friend they were astutely lifted from the fog. Though the whole thing was a stakes race, it proved a photo finish in the end. See for yourself whether you can discern where the original Lady A~ finishes and where the new Lady A~ begins. At any rate, seven superb little worlds teaming with Austen characters in Regency Town & Country have now hit the board with a veritable Bath bang!

The first of the TBNLA pack to delight Janeite Bookies is the dashing debut novel, Merits and Mercenaries. Its first edition was initially trotted out in 2011 and, following a grand Steam Tour, Lady A~ felt quite spurred on to revise this little beauty. With her crop did she then lop some bits here and there to produce a sparkling work of even finer pedigree. Neigh, one that could be backed quite off the map! Its second edition started behind the barrier in April 2015 and has been running a fine race ever since. Much shall we canvass of this superb little creature upon this Canterlogue, with its Meritocrats & Mercenaries backing their bets all across Hampshire and London. With some crusher odds outfoxing both Bays & Bolters, there is much to blow about in this dead cert winner. But for now I shall merely tantalize you with track talk & tactics of this heated Bath tangle.

And with such tactical track talk do I also put-to this bit of drum. The second high-spirited, lively dasher of the Bath Novel stable is set to bolt from its box! Though I cannot whinny a word of its title or its theme, I have taken a field bet with Lady A~ to enigmatically introduce you to some of the treats in store. Using a combination of all the runners in this most winsome creation, I have hit upon a set of clues that I shall parade not infrequently with a touch of the charade. In such manner, and without forcing the course of what is destined to become a sure favorite, shall I sprint you down the track with this hot pot of hints to a grandstand A~nnouncement! By my oats, it will be a cracker! I do urge you to follow my mail, here in my canter-column, and to wager all you have by way of interest upon this top TBNLA tipster. Janeites & Jockeys, dash it! Do join me trackside & put the bit between yer teeth. The second steamious Bath Novel is about to cross the line!

Clues to be trotted out in due Course in the next in~stall~ment of Dr. S's Trotting through TBNLA with the Good Doctor... here in Stable Home Quarters and Bubbling Beneath in our Bath Corner!


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Kooky, Spooky & A~ little Hoofey! Trotting through TBNLA with the Good Doctor...

In the hallowed month of horrors,
Bookies & Spookies,
Whipper~Dappers & Shiver~Tappers,
Neigh, flog not the dead horse!
Lest he be ye winsome Dr. Syn of course!

Our bemonocled equestrian Savant shall soon delight you with something A~ppropriate from the 'vapors'! In keeping with Portent & Prediction, Dr. Syntax shall teasingly trot you through his first 'mare-raising' tour of Lady A~'s 'steamious' TBNLA in Trotting through TBNLA with the Good Doctor.

Fix an eyeball upon this beast, as he imminently treats you to A~ Halloween TBNLA tidings Feast...

Bookies & Spookies! Race across to the now quite batty world of TBNLA!      

Sunday, September 27, 2015

A~ Galloping Tour through the World of Dr. Syntax

'Dr Syntax': A dark horse let loose from his box to race and bay whenever the whinny takes him

Heyday fond Friends and Fillies! What a hands-high pleasure it is to welcome you to my 'race~y', pacey Canterlogue full of Bath Novel & Austenesque fare. A fare place indeed, where you will meet my colorful connections working trackside for your punting pleasure. Indeed, I have been biting at the bit to hit the TBNLA board, but have been squarely outnumbered by the Ladies. Trumping them all at last with my sharpest monocle and finest cravat (neigh, do but regard both!), the sheer stature of my showmanship persuaded the fair troupe to have done with my neigh-saying & open the door so that the very dashing horse could bolt! I trot in before you quite tacked up with those little treats to engage and entertain the discerning, & nothing that should cause a good deal of shying away from things race~y or pacey, I dare say...

Aye, well, what is my pedigree, pray? Well, I'm a fellow of letters who adores touring but has also galloped through or a good race or two in my rather illustrious lifetime. Being quite a prize, there was much written about me, neigh (!), even depicted in the finest strokes of a senior Herring brush.

'Dr Syntax', a dark bay racehorse in a loose box by John Frederick Herring, Sr.

My fame takes me into the homestretch of the great Austen years and I should have given a hock or two to have that fair lady wager a piece of pewter in favor of my odds, dash it! That I should then run into Lady A~, as Miss Jane Austen was once hailed by the beau monde, many furlongs forward in time, having found a commodious paddock in the vicinity of Bath, I must confess, is quite a coup!

Madam Jane as retouched by Amano & our Lady A~ in sheerest profile

Indeed, Lady A~ has been so very kind to increase my acquaintance with some rather showy Spratts & Larks. Two of whom you shall meet here, along with this fascinating Lady, in due course. But trotting along... We all of us have now groomed our united talents to entertain and engage you in a racing fashion. I have been assigned to rustle up a treat or two for your jogging pleasure. In exquisite equestrian form do I bring you my little canter-column: Trotting through TBNLA with the Good Doctor: A~ general round up of things most diverting in the high-paced world of TBNLA.

Trotting through TBNLA with the Good Doctor

Of the fair troupe that shall also parade & perform about my paddock upon this Canterlogue, save Spratt, who you will meet anon, there be two Ladies. One very fair & the other quite an olde Byrd. Lady A~ whom I have just mentioned in prancing, shall be contributing to my 'posts'. With bubbling tidings from her Bath Corner, upon all things steamious in her novel world, she will also provide us with 'Act Chasers' in her Bath Play~house to whet our appetite for all of the 'tangles' in her prize Bath Novels.

And as our Lady is such a steady scribbler, she intends to oftentimes award her fond followers with a trophy or two of her fair Volumes, so fix an eye upon my Stall for tidings of such Bath Novel prizes to be won, or lost, should any of ye be of the betting kind. Neigh! If any of ye are perusing this, I will wager that you are!

Merits and Mercenaries: Lady A~'s first Bath Novel Beauty

As for the olde Byrd, some of you betters might know her from the Twittershire, where she was formerly famous for her terrific tweeting. Harnessing Mrs. Skyelarks's unbridled talent once more, I have spurred her on, in a fashion, so that she might bear to you, Friends and Fillies, all of her unique news and revues/reviews from the Janeite/TBNLA trackside in Mrs. Skyelark's Revue.

As for Spratt you see here... Well this tour-some hard keeper & Man of Letters will provide me a counterpart of ego to debate all things that A~mount to a veritable stable of TBNLA & Austenesque fare in T~A~T with Mr. Spratt. I should call Spratt a rare hack in my thoroughbred family, & quite nothing like the unmatched stud at the head of it (no nip intended!). Our performance shall, nonetheless, entertain you enough, I dare say, if only you steal a 'mare bit' of time merely outlining the curb of this punter's trophy nose! Humpf!

I do warn you that as Chef 'de 'quip!', I & my equestrian team come equipped with 'gold carats' that shall pepper our content with our 'Yays & Neighs' of the Regency World, & all it has to offer by way of galloping entertainment. On an equestrian scale of like~dislike, for example, one such carat shall signal a 'whiffey Whinny' while at the other end, five shall signal our top approval as a 'dappled Dandy'. (We have yet to fashion names for the carats in between.)

A~ '5-carat' Dappled Dandy

But, neigh again! I am not quite yet done--am I ever, indeed! Here you see I have migrated onwards and trotwards, quite like a feral beast, to the Twittershire. At such arena, I cut a very fine quip with a goodly nip, & if you should desire the sheer bold brass of my running commentary (nothing quite 'mane~stream', I assure you), I urge you not to resist from backing me there post-haste.

Dr. Syntax bolts like a colt to ye Twittershire!

Neigh! Become a fellow of my Stable and we shall give the other Twits their fare due in hay-day amusement! Ah, but this be the least of my horsing about, I assure ye! They don't call me 'Dr. Syn' for naught in Bath! Ha! & Heyday! I bid you a prancingly pert 'Tally-Ho' with a swaggering bow--for now! Saddle up Friends & Fillies. The race is about to begin!

Aye! Do be Pets & prance along to my Paddock Page upon TBNLA, pray!    

Set it in A~ Saddlebag


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