Monday, November 14, 2016

She is Made! Trotting through TBNLA with the Good Doctor

Heyday #Janeite Jockeys & #BathBookies! She is made! Race over to our stable home quarters in A~ fresh NEW Neigh~borhood, the currently quite teasingly terrific TBNLA. There you shall unveil Lady A~'s latest most beauteous creation quite raring to go!

Neigh! Get ye there post haste, for a great treat of a trophy awaits you....

Be sure to keep abreast of my #cloppingclues in order to win a rare, fair copy of this second Bath Beauty. My trace-tracker, the eighth, is just around ye Bath Corner, & with only two #tubtips to go in my pace-setting 'Unlock A~ Clue'! Don't lag fond Nags! Corral all ten #horseyhints & set them in my Saddlebag post haste!

Raise your bets to your favorite tipster, if you dare Darcy Dandies. A~ pert adieu from the blue! Tally Ho Ponies & Punters!

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