Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Trace-tracker, the Fourth! Trotting through TBNLA with the Good Doctor: Unlock A~ Clue...

Bath Bookies & Janeite Jockeys! Whinnies & well-wishes from my pleasurable paddock in Bath Novel Stable Home Quarters! The much-heralded, dashing debut of our Lady's lively dasher is fast approaching the finishing line & once more, as A~ top tote, I am put-to to pronounce my fourth teasing trace-tracker hint of ten. Do not miss your chance of advance deposit wagering on our newest & bluest Bath Novel Beauty!

Neigh, Ponies & Punters, to harness this brimming new Bath Novel creation is A~ sheer breeze! Round-up your ten clopping-clue answers, then set them in my Saddlebag for a dash at A~ trophy win: The finest filly of Lady A~'s stable yet--and signed by the bubbly Lady herself!

Trot along for A~ tipster treat Bath Novel front-runners! Without further A~do, I handily deliver to you my prize Trace-tracker, the Fourth!

Unlock A~ Clue

Trace-tracker, the Fourth!

'In this Locket of fare Bath Blue, a renowned Hound lolls upon matchless Ladies' Laps anew!' 

And for those Calamity Janes who are behindhand in our race, a review of our last clues might jog you long shots into action! Make the necessary additions to your scratch sheets, Cads & Lads, Jollies & Gentleman Jockeys! One more round of them, then:

A~ marked Character to whom those addicted shall crave her likeness true...

A~ shuttered Ornament of Honeysuckles ~ the rural Retreat of A~ yet great to-do...
A~ collection of manly graces sweeps A~ marked Lady quite off her Shoes!

I await your strong gallop-outs Backers & Bookies for there is much Bath Novel fare to be had yet for a bet! Neigh, hedge & wager your way to A~ win. Until my next best tip with a nip of a quip or two, I bid you Fairlings, A~dieu, A~dieu! Tally ho!


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