Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Trace-tracker, the Eighth! Trotting through TBNLA with the Good Doctor: Unlock A~ Clue...

Heyday #Janeite Jockeys & Bath Bookies! I gallop in with gusto to trot out my eighth horsey hint of Lady A~'s trophy treat of a tome, The Amiable Cassandra. This fine filly can be discovered in my Bath novel stable home quarters and be sure to meet all the dashing cast of lovers. I'll warrant the gentleman upon his winsome white mount and the amiable lady who earns his bolting interest will quite race away with your hearts!

But let me not run away with this race. If any of you be worshippers of the great filly herself, then you shall see Miss Jane Austen well reflected in this yarn. It is a most fitting tale of her life imagined upon quite a different track and it will charm all you Lopping Lydias & Hopping Henrys quite beyond the pail! The dogs are quite barking its praises. Do not lag Nags! Acquire The Amiable Cassandra post haste!

Neigh, let me not be a crusher! I salute you all with my eighth clopping clue of The Amiable Cassandra. Be sure to corral my horsey hints to the tenth, so that you can get your feet on the till to win this novel creation. Set all ten trace-tracker answers in my Saddlebag as we cross the finish line, and you may justly compete for this prize!

Bolters & Colts, Dappled Darcys & Dolts... without further adieu I take our race to Town! Quite like a toppy tipster do I give you Trace-tracker, the eighth...

Unlock A~ Clue

'In this locket of fare Bath Blue, a seal marks summons ridden rapidly through.' 

To round up all of my top-tracking tub-tips in this fare-race thus far, let me trot them by you Bath Bookies & Bettors another time, lest any of you be swoopers keeping to the rails:

 A~ marked Character to whom those addicted shall crave her likeness true...

A~ shuttered Ornament of Honeysuckles ~ the rural retreat of A~ yet great to-do... 

A~ collection of manly graces sweeps A~ marked Lady quite off her Shoes!

A renowned Hound lolls upon matchless Ladies' laps anew!

A~ piece of Pewter quite determines an epic story's hue!

A~ Paragon of Architecture exhibits in the white-glare Loop!

A~ familiar denizen is tried but true...

Neigh, may I wish you Ponies & Punters a goodly deal of plunging with very little pulling or persuading! Be sure to make a dart for the dash as my #hashes & #splashes make ye Twittershire quite awash with Bath Novel blue...    

Upon such exotics do I bid you all adieu! Tally Ho Bagmen & Battlers! Save your Bath Novel bettor bets expressly for the good Doctor S...


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