Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Trace-tracker the Second! Trotting through TBNLA with the Good Doctor: Unlock A~ Clue...

Janeite Jockeys & Bath Bookies! I return festively from The Heath with no mean Handicap, to wish you a prancingly prosperous New Year! And what should a fresh year incoming be without the prospect of something winsome? Neigh! The Year 16 is one of great promise, bubbling with rumors of Bath Novels yet unseen... But let me not skirt about the Turf! We are now hard upon the heels of Lady A~'s new Bath Novel and, of 'course', its second trace-tracker. Indeed, to cut to the chase: another steamious horsey hint to herald the arrival of our Lady's forthcoming trophy creation.

Let me remind you Punters that you may take part in our competitive clue-collecting, in order to win a first-edition copy of this beauteous new Bath Beauty, inscribed by the authoress herself. Recall that all you Bookies, Bettors & Belles, who should meet in the Ring, should collect your full team of ten clue answers and set them in my Saddlebag, by way of an e~Express to justly compete. Our library Lark will then make the appropriate announcements, so that I may proclaim a Winner! Neigh, but let us not salute the Judge just yet. I give you, by way of satchel-swinging suavity, fair Fillies, Dolts & Colts: Trace-tracker, the Second!

Unlock A~ Clue

Trace-tracker, the Second!

'In this Locket of fare Bath blue, a shuttered Ornament of Honeysuckles ~ the rural Retreat of A~ yet great to-do...'

Saddle up Satchel Swingers! Fix A~ betting eye upon my canter-column here for more Clue-locket Trace-tracker fare anon... Tally Ho!

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