Friday, December 18, 2015

Trace-tracker, the First! Trotting through TBNLA with the Good Doctor: Unlock A~ Clue...

Janeite Jockeys & Bath Bookies! In my last I promised you, as the top TBNLA tipster, a field day of clues to herald the approaching arrival of the latest lively dasher of our Bath Novel stable. Thus, I gallop in as a Gallant to round up A~ host of clues (I shall call them trace-trackers!) to parade boldly before you in a whipping charade. Saddle up fair minds & see what you make of my horsey hints!

And, to hoof, Lady A~ is offering a fine & most steamious Prize! For the first Filly, Colt or Dolt spurred on to soundly guess all of the answers to my well-paced trace-trackers, she or he shall win a first-edition copy of this beauteous new Bath Beauty, inscribed by the scribbling Lady herself. Neigh, rest assured, I be no coat-tugger, & I shall claim none of your winnings! Merely collect your answers, when the race is finally run, and drop them in my Saddlebag, by way of an e~Express. I shall then pass on the first correct collection post-haste to our Circulating Library Proprietress, Mrs. A~ Skyelark, for just adjudication & announcements. Following such ceremony, I shall proclaim the Winner! Onwards and trotwards then Bath Bettors & Belles, & to the finishing line! I present, dash it all...
Unlock A~ Clue

Trace~tracker, the First! 

'In this Lover's Locket of fare Bath blue, A~ marked Character to whom those addicted shall crave her Likeness true...'

Pony up Punters! Regard my canter-column here for more Clue-locket Trace-tracker fare anon... Tally ho!

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